Salonika 25

25 letterpress posters by printmaker Andy Kinnear commemorating the 25 soldiers from Cheltenham who died in Salonika.

25 June – 31 October 2018

Salonika has been largely forgotten in the narrative of WW1. However, 25 soldiers in Cheltenham died there either in combat or from illness. This installation aims to highlight those who died by pasting their names together on the wall of the BT Building on Vittoria Walk.

salonika 25The site is significant. When he was 7 years old Holst moved from what is now The Holst Birthplace Museum to a house on this road, since demolished. The wall is also opposite the YMCA. Holst worked for the YMCA in Salonika as Musical Director. The YMCA played a significant part in WW1, providing amongst other things, marquees and huts with refreshments and note paper for soldiers.

salonika 25As the project progresses, we will post more information about each soldier. If you have any information about any of the 25 soldiers please get in touch with the museum.