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Volunteer Trustee vacancy

We are looking for a Volunteer Trustee to join our board.

Regency Room Holst Birthplace Museum


The Holst Birthplace Museum (HBM) is a small independent museum, run by the Holst Birthplace Trust. It is one of only two composer birthplace museums in the country and is dedicated to Gustav Holst, who on 21st September 1874 was born in the house which is now the museum. Visitors can learn about Holst’s life, his music, his family and friendships, and also enjoy the Victorian contents and ambience of this fine period building.

Role of HBM Trustees

The museum employs 2 salaried staff; the remainder of the staff, including the Trustees, are Volunteers. The Board of Trustees, led by the Chairman, meet every 6 weeks. Alongside the usual duties of a trustee – giving strategic direction, setting overall policy, ensuring effective and efficient administration and financial stability – each trustee has a specific area of responsibility, and we are seeking a Trustee for Volunteers. This postholder will oversee the recruitment and management of the Volunteers, who are essential to the museum’s success.

Role of Volunteers

The majority of our Volunteers undertake a “front of house” role which involves greeting visitors, giving them a brief introduction to the museum, operating the till, and helping them enjoy their visit. Other Volunteers take on specific duties such as gardening; stocking the museum shop, helping the Curator with specific tasks such as looking after the collections; and assisting with school group visits.

Trustee for Volunteers – Summary of Role

  1. Attracting and recruiting people to be Volunteers, by use of social media, advertising, and by liaising with, for example:
    • Schools – non-working parents may wish to take on a volunteer post;
    • Secondary schools and the University of Gloucestershire – students may be looking for work experience;
    • Job Centres – volunteering being a good step to paid employment;
    • Large local businesses’ Personnel Department – staff approaching retirement;
    • Local groups such as Probus, W.I. etc.
  2. Training and retaining the right number and quality of Volunteers – for
    instance, by:

    • Thorough Induction Training, tailored to the needs and aspirations of each individual;
    • Making them feel wanted and important – seek their suggestions and comments; hold regular Volunteers’ informal meetings;
    • Establish and maintain a rota system for Front of House duties which suits all.
  3. Liasing with other Trustees – in addition to the six-weekly Trustees’ meetings, working closely with:
    • Membership Trustee – there is a close link between obtaining new Members and securing new Volunteers;
    • Marketing Trustee – publicity is essential to attracting Volunteers and visitors;
    • Events Trustee – Volunteer-specific events such as outings as well as events open to the general public;
    • Learning and Business Co-ordinator – to maintain the quality and functionality of the “Volunteers’ Room”.

To apply please contact Laura Kinnear, Curator, Holst Birthplace Museum 01242 524846